Are you vulnerable to indoor chemical vapor intrusion?

There are about a million places with where chemical have spilled across the United States. The chemical may vaporize to the indoor air at home, work or school. When inhaled, the chemicals may contribute to cancer, autism or birth defects. Our shop provides screening and testing to help you be informed about the hazards, and guides next steps.

Don't know if to test or what to test for? The Vapor Intrusion Vulnerability Screen screens whether your home, work or school is vulnerable. If vulnerable, we will pick which Indoor Vapor Intrusion Test to order.

If you are vulnerable to chemical vapor intrusion, then measure exposure with an indoor vapor intrusion test.

The test can detect chemicals in your indoor air. Choose the type of contaminant and the setting. Our WhatsDown map shows thousands of spills and plumes to aid your test selection. Choose the type of contaminant and the setting, and place your order. Our lab ships an air sampling kit to test for the appropriate chemicals. An environmental professional can configure a test kit as well.

After the sample kit arrives, you collect the air sample. Place the sample kit on a table on the ground floor or in the basement. Run the air sample pump for two hours. Then return the sample kit to the laboratory in the prepaid shipping package.

The laboratory analyzes your air sample and sends you a Vapor Intrusion Report. The report shows any quantities of chemicals present in indoor air that also occur in the groundwater plume. Terradex can answer questions about the findings.