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Vapor Intrusion Vulnerability Screen
Vapor Intrusion Vulnerability Screen

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Product Code: VIVS

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A Vapor Intrusion Vulnerability Screen provides an assessment of whether your home or work is vulnerable to vapor intrusion. The screening can help you choose whether to have a laboratory test of your location for chemical vapor intrusion. The screening report is ordinarily ready in three business days.

Whats Vapor Intrusion? Chemical spills have occurred in a million locations in the United States. A chemical spill may reach groundwater and form a contaminated chemical plume. A plume expands laterally away from the spill’s origin. A plume may contain volatile chemical vapors that move upward and intrude into indoor air at home, work or school. Indoor chemical vapor intrusion can be hazardous to health when inhaled.

What is a Vapor Intrusion Vulnerability Screen? A Vapor Intrusion Vulnerability Screen reviews information about Spill Sites and groundwater plumes available in WhatsDown, and compares the location of underground environmental contaminants to the home or office structure of interest. Based primarily on the type of underground contaminants and their proximity to the structure of interest, but also taking into consideration depth of contaminants and other factors, the Vulnerability Screen concludes with a vulnerability finding and, if warranted, recommends vapor intrusion testing that could provide more details. A report is then generated that includes a vulnerability finding and maps the structure of interest in comparison to known plumes and Spill Sites. A Vapor Intrusion Vulnerability Screen should not be used in lieu of actual vapor intrusion testing if concerns persist.
  • Location Map. A map shows the location being screened, and any plumes or spill sites known.
  • Profile Drawing. A profile is a schematic vertical slice through the location to groundwater. When the depth to groundwater is known, the distance will be shown.
  • Vulnerabilty Findings. The findings will identify if the location appears vulnerable to vapor intrusion. The chemicals that pose the potential vapor intrusion threat will be identified.
  • Testing Recommendations. If the screening indicates vulnerability to vapor intrusion, then a test will be identified from Terradex.
  • Support. Terradex is available via email, phone or chat to support interpretation of screening findings.

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